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We have used 1HourTooth for over a year now. Initially there's a small learning curve, but Dr. Jin and Stuart are very excellent teachers... Last week we prep, scan, deliver a CEREC in less than 43 minutes. Thank you

------------------------------- E.D.

6 Month review was excellent, Stuart pointed out a couple thing to make the process evern faster.

-------------------------------- E.D.


I am an existing CEREC owner for 7 years. I've been frustrated by it many time. 1HourTooth promised me that they can help me decrease my design time to less than 1 hour. They did!!! Now I can design, mill, polish and deliver a crown usually in less than 25 minutes... Now, I can't wait to see these guys for my semi-annual "tune-up". Seem like everytime I've learned some new trick from these guys.

-------------------------------- P.G.

I learn something new everytime they are in my office.  Whenever I get a tough case, I simply call them up for a CEREC-Assist.   Trust me, it's well worth the $350/hr.

-------------------------------- P.G.


I love CEREC, I was once told my Dr. Jin that he own's that site.  I could not imagine anyone can have so much passion for a product.  Now, I'm a user, I can understand why...Thanks 1HourTooth.  Loved your coaching program.

-------------------------------- E.M.

Follow up with my last year's comment, to my surprise, these guys show up 6 months later.  This 6 month review is great, they helped me upgraded to v3.85, and taught me something new.

-------------------------------- E.M.


CEREC when you needed, this was model I liked. No upfront cost, no maintenance, these guys will teach you everything there is to know.  Initial training is a must. Listen from a guy who's owned his practice for 22 years!  These guys come in take over your training for you and motivate your staff. Bottomline, it's well worth it!

p.s. The best part of having these guys around is that they are not selling any equipment, they will simply tell you the truth.  There's absolutely no sales pressure... Funny thing is that now I'm actually considering buying my own unit.

-------------------------------- M.Z.


I just spent $$$$$ purchasing a new CEREC, got my initial training at Patterson HQ, now I'm sweating in front of my first patient.  Friend of mine told me about 1HourTooth, and how they hold your hand in every step. That is absolutely true, and they help me conquer my new toy-blues.

-------------------------------- C.C.


I'm a CEREC owner for 4+ years, I was basically very comfortable with it.  When I first met Dr. Jin and his staff at a meeting in Boston, I thought they were cocky, boasting that they can deliver a crown in 53 minutes or less. For most of my cases, I can finish in about an hour, so I've decided to give them  a try... Little did I know that 53 minutes was some of their doctor's average case from prep to cementation. At the first appointment, with my compact unit, these guys showed me that I can design, mill and polish in merely 22 minutes!!! Wow! Bravo!

I purchsed their full course that day, and now I'm booking 1 hour for my CEREC appointments instead of 2 hours.  That $6,700 was worth every peny, thank you Dr. Jin and staff.

-------------------------------- J.S.


...Reason why my patients prefer 1hourtooth is simple fact that they make dentistry seem less painful to them. Thank you Sturart, you made Dentistry fun again for me.

------------------------------- S.G.


This is the best class I have taken for years. Your material is clear and your cases are those I can relate to. I really appreciate the fact that you have discussed "everyday" cases rather than your best cases. It is really refreshing.

------------------------------- D.S.


... Stuart is a very experienced instructure. He understand the clinical aspect of Dentistry... With his help, the whole experience was a breeze...

-------------------------------- R.D



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