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Save $69,840 a year...




Would you like to take home an additional $69,840 this year?


Can we help you to reduce your NET laboratory fee to almost "0"?

         Yes, call us for a lunch and learn, and we will show you how...

            call us tollfree or eMail us at: info@1hourtooth.com


1HourTooth process is very simple: give us a call (1.877.My.CEREC) 69-23732


We will:

  Coordinate your crown appointment with us.

  We will set up our acquisition unit in your office.

  Once you have completed your crown prep, we will help you with image


  Our technician will design your final restoration

  You will have to pick the shade

  Your final design will be milled in our mobile unit.

  Our technician will polish your final restoration

  The finished restoration will be ready for cementation generally in 25 minutes

      or less


We help Dentists going GREEN...


With 1HourTooth you can eliminate:

  all the wasteful impression material

  impression trays

  impression adhesives

  bite registration material

  temporary crown materials

  temporary crown cements

  second appointments

  the need to get patient numb the second time

  poor restoration that may need to re-take

  shiping and packaging costs

With 1HourTooth you will:

  increase productive time

  improve timeliness of collection

  improve patient satisfaction

  increase patient referrals

  simply WOW your patient

  We help you going GREEN...


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